Caesars Palace Roman Plaza

Las Vegas, Nevada

This festive 115,000 square foot plaza has become the gateway to Caesars Palace, drawing pedestrian traffic through its dramatic temples, lively fountains, and gilded statuary into the famous hotel and casino itself. The Plaza includes an enclosed restaurant with dynamic views of Las Vegas Boulevard, several outdoor food and beverage establishments, a wedding pavilion, and a marketplace arrayed with retail tents and carts. A 4,500-seat outdoor performance venue, capable of hosting events from concerts to championship boxing, dominates the plaza. Premium seating located in the south temple enjoys afternoon shade, while plaza-level temporary seating is configured for each event. Designed to be a hub of activity, this $22 million plaza captures the curiosity and imagination of passersby with performance artists, shopping, dining, and special events. With its trademark Roman architecture, the plaza anchors the Caesars Palace complex and gives it a curbside attraction worthy of The Strip.