Myriad Botanical Gardens

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

GSB, Inc. was hired by The City of Oklahoma City to lead the design and renovation of this 14,000 square foot Oklahoma City Landmark.  The delicate renovation was completed in two phases.  Phase I was completed in 2007 with a construction budget of $2.4 million.  Phase II was completed in 2011 with a construction budget of $4.3 million.  The Phase I scope of improvements included the remodel of public areas, including restrooms and nature trails to meet accessibility requirements as well as the addition of an overhead gantry bridge for staff use.  The mechanical and electrical equipment were replaced with sophisticated systems to maintain the specific atmospheric conditions required to support the plant life and ecosystem of the gardens.  Public walkways throughout the facility were re-designed to meet accessibility standards and enhance visitors' experience while touring the gardens.  Particular care was taken during the construction administration phase to minimize any potential for damage to the existing plant life by conscientious scheduling and mindful execution of the work.  Phase II scope of improvements included replacing the translucent skin, refinishing the entire exposed architectural structural system, and adding LED lighting to illuminate the landmark for special events.