RCID Lime Garage

Lake Buena Vista, Florida

The Reedy Creek Improvement District Lime Garage is a five level cast-in-place, post-tensioned parking garage structure boasting 940,000 SF of space. It is nearly 300′ wide x 700’ long x over 60’ tall and provides parking spaces for over 2,100 vehicles. The garage was delivered using a design/build approach and fast-tracked to minimize parking disruption.

An elaborate guidance and space counting system is used to direct parkers to available spaces. Visitors see how many spaces are available as they approach the garage and each space includes a light that indicates whether it is open or utilized.

Everything from the parking layout to the graphics is designed to enhance both the driving and pedestrian experience. The parking consists of one-way traffic flow and angled parking, which is easier for drivers and provides safe and comfortable pedestrian flow towards the elevators and stairs.

Extensive signage and colorful graphics help people remember where they parked. Families and large groups navigate easily in the wide pedestrian paths, open stairs, abundant elevators and escalators, and welcoming lobbies.

LED lighting was used to reduce long term operational costs and improve the sustainability of the parking garage.

The RCID Lime Garage serves as a companion project to the award winning RCID Orange Garage, a 1.5 million SF five-level garage which provides approximately 4,000 spaces and integrated ground floor office space.