State Attorney General offices

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

This facility consolidates the offices of the State Attorney General into a single location adjacent to the Oklahoma State Capitol.  The centerpiece of the project is the renovated Capitol Power Plant, a historic cast stone structure dating from the 1920’s.  The Attorney General’s personal office, along with those of his senior aides, occupy the upper floor of this building, while the law library, several conference rooms, and a dramatic two-story entrance lobby utilize the ground level.  The three-story addition contains the offices of the many departments which constitute this state agency, as well as a basement level parking garage for senior officials and state-owned vehicles.  Security was a paramount concern, with great care taken to limit the proximity of vehicles to the building and prevent unauthorized access from the lobby to the office.  This facility enhances the Attorney General’s ability to protect the citizens of Oklahoma and is an attractive addition to the Capitol complex.

This project received a 2006 AGC Build Oklahoma Award.