WaterColor Western Lake Bridge

WaterColor, Florida

Western Lake Bridge connects Watercolor’s Phase 1 and Phase 3 development.  Spanning nearly 500 feet, this footbridge is subdivided into three distinct experiences.  The wetland crossing takes you over and through the native grasses and reeds found along this freshwater lake.  The walking surface is open metal grating to allow sunlight to reach the plants below.  Lighting in this area is provided by fiber optic fixtures designed to mimic the cattails flanking the bridge.  A hand-blown glass orb is mounted on a stainless steel tube, allowing the fixtures to softly glow and gently wave in the breeze.  Once beyond the wetland approach and over the lake itself, the walking surface transitions to wood, and a cable railing system adorned with copper leaves provides visual interest.  Fiber optic illumination is concealed under the handrail, providing soft, even illumination of both the walking surface and ornamental railing.  The arched center portion of the bridge spans 60 feet, allowing small boats to pass beneath.  In this way, Western Lake Bridge expresses WaterColor’s threefold theme, “Southern, Nature, Art.”