Mr. Ligon has considerable experience as a senior project architect, designer, and in construction contract administration for a diverse range of projects. Throughout his career he has worked on various projects for hotel and hospitality, the performing arts, museums, churches, medical and educational facilities among others. These projects include new building projects along with renovations and additions to existing facilities.

He is responsible for overseeing the project team and consultants as well as maintenance of the project schedule and daily client contact. His personal attention is given to the preparation of the documents and the review of all work. He works well with contractors and construction personnel. He defends clients’ interests firmly but fairly and assists contractors in addressing unforeseen challenges.

The coordination skill he has developed over the past 29 years allows him to manage the consultant team members as well as the in-house support staff on the project. His attention to detail is evident in his successful architectural approach to each project. 


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